I’ve migrated the blog tool from Hexo to Hugo (The last moving: Moved from Middleman to Hexo)


  1. Hexo generator was really slow
  2. Dark mode support
  3. Multiple Languages support (To write in English too)
  4. Bored

I could have done 2 and 3 with Hexo, but I was looking for another tool for 4. To be honest, I didn’t think much about it and made a quick decision to use Hugo.

What I had to update

I was able to use Markdown files as it was mostly, but I made some changes.

Directory Structure

  • Moved Markdown files (source -> content/posts)
  • Changed path for images

Front Matter

  • tags: Delete indents of tag items
  • slug: Added
    • Hexo converts a file name yyyy-MM-dd-<path_name>.md and the path_name will be the real path.
    • Hugo defaults to a file name or slug in Front Matter as the real path name.
    • I wrote a bash script to insert slug from file name. (gist)