The second round of キク英文法

I’ve been doing on the second round of キク英文法. For each grammar, I’ve made example sentences that I would use in my daily life and repeated it. Once a native speaker checked my sentences, it seems like “grammatically correct but not natural”. I would like to correct my nuance too.

Repeat 100 times

I’ve been trying 英語は100回フレーズを練習して始めて自分の言葉となる for the past few days. It is not possible to be able to use a phrase when you hear at a moview or a book, etc. I’ve used Design Principles of Vue 3.0 by Evan You that contains phrases I would use daily, and I know well of it and it’s an American English.

Manga in English

I’ve read Death Note - English Edition on Kindle. The reason I chose was that I’ve already known the story and there are many explanations for my learn. The English edition was bad to read because all phrases are written in capital letters…




  • ワールドトリガー (I was so curious about the rest of the Netflix episodes. I bought the volume 16 later.)
  • 七つの大罪 (I didn’t buy the comic no.35 and later. I finally got all the series.)
  • ブルーピリオド9巻
  • 今際の国のアリス (I bought the comic no.8 and later, which might be the continuation of the Netflix’s episodes. This is another case where I was too curious about the continuation…)

Movie, Anime


  • Hyrule Warriors: I play it with my wife.
  • 桃鉄:I play sometimes.
  • Among Us: I played a few days ago and I’m definitely a beginner.


  • At 2/28 today, I wanted to submit the tax return for 2020. However, the online submit was not available Sunday…😇 This is the first time to use the e-Tax (electronic tax return).