English Learning

I’ve been doing development and 1on1 in English at my company, and I’ve been less trouble with English. My level is B2 Upper Intermediate of CRFR by some skill tests such as EF SET and a company’s english skill test including reading, listening and speaking.

I feel I have issues on Grammar and Collocation.


I’ve started studying fundamental grammar first to correct my grammar because I sometimes make mistakes in conversation. I’ve used a book キク英文法 and completed the first lap.

I’m sure the book includes about 90% of grammar which we use. I referred the following videos.

For February, I’m going to understand it deeper. From an English speaker perspective, a part of grammar in the book is “too formal” and “too literary expression”. So I should catch up better expression.


Reading 英語独習法, I came to think that I must consider how to study a foreign language. I’ve been able to work with English. There are many situations where the grammar is correct, but the co;location is different. I was aiming to be a person who can just use English and complete their work, but I feed I should to improve in order to work more efficiently.

Started stand.fm


I’ve started radio with my wife. After COVID situation, we spent time together, but less opportunity to talk about their thoughts and what we do. We open the radio to consciously have opportunities and keep our motivation.

I had only listened to Podcasts and Radio because it seems hard to set up recording environment and edit audio. However, it was not so hard (I guess I don’t take care of the quality). We just use Voice Memos app of iPhone and upload to stand.fm.

Necessities of Life

Books / Entertainments


  • I’ve been really busy from the first day.
  • Clubhouse started to go viral in late January.
  • PUI PUI モルカー is also being a viral in Japan. I’m not sure why.