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Monthly Report - February 2021

English The second round of キク英文法 I’ve been doing on the second round of キク英文法. For each grammar, I’ve made example sentences that I would use in my daily life and repeated it. Once a native speaker checked my sentences, it seems like “grammatically correct but not natural”. I would like to correct my nuance too. Repeat 100 times I’ve been trying 英語は100回フレーズを練習して始めて自分の言葉となる for the past few days. It is not possible to be able to use a phrase when you hear at a moview or a book, etc....

February 28, 2021

Monthly Report - January 2021

English Learning I’ve been doing development and 1on1 in English at my company, and I’ve been less trouble with English. My level is B2 Upper Intermediate of CRFR by some skill tests such as EF SET and a company’s english skill test including reading, listening and speaking. I feel I have issues on Grammar and Collocation. Grammar I’ve started studying fundamental grammar first to correct my grammar because I sometimes make mistakes in conversation....

January 31, 2021

Automate package update and release with Cypress + Renovate

I’ve automated the package update and release of https://tanaka.world/. When a npm package is updated, it will be merged and production deployed automatically after all CI jobs finish. Example: The workflow for release Renovate (Package Update) Renovate Set up Renovate via GitHub App - Renovate. You can select a repo. Cypress (E2E) Cypress Previously, I tested manually when I updated. I’ve replaced the way to test with Cypress. It tests all pages roughly....

January 30, 2021

Migrated From Hexo to Hugo

I’ve migrated the blog tool from Hexo to Hugo (The last moving: Moved from Middleman to Hexo) Motivation Hexo generator was really slow Dark mode support Multiple Languages support (To write in English too) Bored I could have done 2 and 3 with Hexo, but I was looking for another tool for 4. To be honest, I didn’t think much about it and made a quick decision to use Hugo....

January 18, 2021